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what i'm doing right now...

this is a /now page. if you're a webmaster, you should make one too!

last update: November 2022


It's been about 3 years since i last worked on anything gamedev related. i've been trying to get back into it, but can't seem to find the energy to commit to a project. making games has always been my passion and brings me so much joy.

i hope to join the next ludum dare and force myself to actually finish a project. i've also been sketching up new game ideas during my lunch break from work so i might be making games again soon.

froggy - discord bot

Pixel art frog with a rainbow pastel background.

recently, i've created a discord server to hangout with my friends from around the interwebs. i've decided to make my own discord bot for this server, called Froggy. currently, it has powerful moderation tools, and anime reactions and interaction. it's also highly customizable per guild/server.

i plan to release it as a public bot to the world soon, along with a dashboard to customize its behaviour, a landing page and a public external api. i might also make it open-source under a MIT license. i used discord-js for the bot. nestjs and mongodb for the backend. i'm building the dashboard with react.


i've started work on my first indie-rock ep! i've two songs written and plan to release them soon.