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i've made games...

and you can play some of them!
here lies the games that i've actually finished...

you can see all the projects i didn't finish on the abandoned page.

last update: November 2022


play it here.

torrato is a game about a mouse trapped inside an oven. it was supposed to be made in 48 hours for a game jam, following the theme "it's unbearably hot!", but we arrived super late and made it in about 8 hours >:3
this resulted in a very unpolished game, but you can still play it!

torrato was made using godot.


play it here. source code.
CaveScape gameplay gif

i've made this game for the community game jam 2019! it's a 2-bit metroidvania, made following the theme "the game is a liar".

cavescape was made using godot, piskel, audacity and beepster.

spacial dog

play it here.

this game is weird. you're a dog running from a solar explosion in space. it was made for the ludum dare 42, with the theme "running out of space".
similar to what happened to torrato, this game was made in about 8 hours, instead of the usual 72.

spacial dog was made using unity, piskel, audacity and lmms.